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R&D Microwaves is a  small and nimble  rf/microwave  components design and manufacturing company, established and managed by a highly skilled microwave engineer, Marek Antkowiak.
Marek has 27 years of experience designing sophisticated products for some of the leading companies in the industry. The company was founded as a small business in 2003 with the assistance of the New Jersey Institute of Technology [NJIT] Enterprise Development Center in Newark, N.J.  From the beginning, the company set forth the highest standards for the facility, design tools, manufacturing and test equipment, and the performance of its products. The company employs the most experienced personnel for all facets of its business. The first success came quickly with receipt of substantial indoor/ outdoor wireless orders for suspended substrate Diplexers  used in antenna sharing applications. The need for additional skilled personnel and manufacturing resources required a move to a  modern facility in East Hanover, New Jersey.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


R&D Microwaves is known for its rapid response custom design, mechanical packaging, and manufacture of  Passive RF/microwave frequency components that serve the Wireless industry for indoor/outdoor applications.  Included are  components and subassemblies for DAS indoor applications, such as Taps, Couplers, Hybrids, and Rack mounted distribution panels. Filters, Hybrids, Crossband Couplers, and Hybrid Matrices are commonly used in base station monitoring applications. R&D Microwaves specializes in 7/16 DIN and Type N and SMA connectors for use up to 20 GHz..  Prominent features include broadband performance, high power capability, low insertion loss, and low PIM.  Major product lines are:

Directional Couplers
Power Dividers -Taps/Tappers
Unequal Splitters 
VSWR Antenna Monitor-remote 
Hybrids and Hybrid Matrices
DC Blocks & 
Monitor Tees 
Suspended Substrate Diplexers and Filter
Cross Band Couplers
Subassembliesa and Rack mounted DAS and test products

Design and Manufacturing

The Company philosophy is centered around  the design and manufacture of  robust products using elegantly simple designs,  resulting in cost effective local/domestic manufacture. Filters are produced, for example, without tuning screws but using instead new suspended substrate technology. Standard design building blocks are widely used.  The use of "state of the art " CAD-CAM software for 3d modeling facilitates accurate first pass completion. The design methodology allows delivery cycle and cost to be reduced. Connectors have been carefully evaluated and customized to provide the best performance for PIM which is tested to achieve less than 160dBc (typical).  Connectors are used for the best PIM performance, and are sealed for outdoor exposure applications. Plating methods and types have been carefully researched and been standardized for the best quality, cost, and performance driven by power and low PIM for connectors, housings, and all metal parts. Changes in connector types are easily accomplished with interchangeable designs for the Type N and 7/16 DIN, and SMA.  Modifications in frequency, performance, specifications, connectors, and packaging are quickly and easily accomplished  with minor modifications to existing product files. In addition to its in-house design activities, R&D encourages customer design participation and prides itself in being able to generate final products that meet all customer expectations and are optimized for the application.  


R&D Microwaves is a rapidy growing company with employment opportunities and  with an expanding range of exceptional quality and high performance products utilizing high power coaxial and suspended substrate air dielectric, stripline, and microstrip designs. The company utilizes advanced engineering techniques, administrative tools and size advantage to offer quick turnaround from design to delivery.
The strategy of the company is to compete in the wireless and other emerging markets with robustly designed products and highly efficient local manufacturing.

ISO 9001:2008


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